– A holiday experience to share –

Summer is a precious time to bond, recharge our batteries, a time to reconnect with our inner-selves, with our loved-ones and with these unique and enticing surroundings. The Salagou : an enchanting piece of country-side in the South of France. At long last, an ideal place to spend the summer en famille or with friends. It simply rings out the obvious. Lovingly put together piece-by-piece by Armelle, Frédéric and their three children, le Clos des Coustoulins has given life to an unforgettable, all-inclusive, customised holiday experience for all ages in an unspoilt setting sheltering two private dwellings, in perfect harmony with the surrounding area.

A summer at the Clos des Coustoulins is a moment to revive life’s simple pleasures. Taste a bit of authenticity and natural beauty. Make the most of what’s good for us. Experience those simple, genuine moments with family and friends. Armelle and Frédéric are both locally born; their respective families have lived in the area for generations, and they do their utmost in sharing their heritage with others. And with this precious legacy in mind, they have thought up excursions that reveal the values and treasures of their home-area (viticulture, gastronomy, singular sites)


So fly off on mountain-bike over the banks of the lake, pedal through the “ruffes”, climb through canyons, freshen-up with a plunge into the water and conclude your day sporting the colours of the lake (red!). And after all that effort, gather around a table that’s laid-up and waiting for you in an exceptional venueStrap on your helmet, start up the quad-bike and it’s off to the vines of the Terrasses du Larzac. Meet with the vine-growers, visit their wine cellar, learn their savoir-faire and share their passion and enthusiasm. By the evening, you will be back at the Clos des Coustoulins, drinking this precious nectar in their company.
Lace-up your trainers at the foot of Mount Liausson, set off on the right foot, look straight ahead and make your way to the top (535m) where a stunning panorama awaits you. Breathe in the delicious perfumes of the garrigue and pick herbs destined for your evening meal.
Summer at the Clos des Coustoulins is a time set aside for curiosity; an occasion to roam the roads leading to the Larzac or to the sea, and through the “ruffes” of the Hérault valley, off the beaten track that will guide you to a treasure hunt in a priory, a safari in a grotto or to meditate in a traditional Tibetan temple

But most of all, summer at the Clos des Coustoulins is a time for serenity, for those simple pleasures: reading a book under an olive tree, enoying a massage just for you, laying by the pool, fetching freshly-laid eggs from the Clos’ garden for breakfast by the pool, taking your children off to choose which vegetables are to embellish your plates at mealtimes that day.

After such full and eventful days, sit out on the terrace and take advantage of Clos de Coustoulin’s magnificent view. Get together for a “brasucade”, a vine-wood barbecue or a vegetable plancha. Share precious moments with Bibi, our great friend and amazing historian, a musician…. When night falls, and your heads are overflowing with invaluable exchanges and exciting events, drift off to sleep and dream of what’s to come tomorrow.

So why don’t you too let yourself to be enchanted and accept The Clos des Coustoulins’ invitation for this unique holiday experience, put together by our tribe, for yours.

Armelle, Frédéric, Florine, Anaëlle et Faustin.